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Description: 04, 05, 06 Toyota Camry Toyota Camry With 6 Cylinder Engine Top And Bottom Sections Air Cleaner Filter Box Sensor not included (transfer from your previous unit)
Item #: 6876-1693 - 17700-0A212
Condition: New
Price: $289.00
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More About Air Cleaner Box

The air cleaner housing assembly (also commonly referred to as an air box or air filter housing) houses and protects the air filter from the various harsh elements that could potentially weaken and damage it. This allows the air filter to do its job of filtering out any impurities in the air before it flows into the engine. The air box can usually be found near the front of the fender, inside the engine compartment. A typical air filter housing will have an air inlet on one side of the filter to allow in the fresh air and an outlet on the other side of the box that goes to the air intake hose leading to the throttle body on the engine. Some air filter boxes may also have baffles inside to quiet engine noise, air intake temperature sensors, or mass air flow sensors.

Replacing the air filter housing on your Camry is generally an easy and straight forward job. Make sure to remove and transfer any sensors located in the old box into the new one. Disconnect the engine inlet air hose on the outlet of the housing. Remove the air filter and check for any damage or contaminants, and replace if necessary. Remove any mounting hardware, and the housing should be free to pull out.